• Your organisation is facing or already undergoing a transformation and you need to equip your talents and teams with new skills and competencies to meet future challenges?
  • Your rising talents are looking for more meaning at work and personal development?
  • Your challenge is to create and deliver a holistic, effective learning and development process that meets the expectations of your talents and in alignment to your business objectives?

mind-shifters is a holistic development program for your talents, your leaders and your organisation. 

It is designed allowing to learn how to navigate through new challengesexplore new ways of thinking while working and testing the learning on the job.



For Your Talents

An upskilling program

to develop participant’s skills and foster tolerance, diversity and creativity through collaboration



For All of Us

An accelerator

to design concrete solutions while embedding societal/ environmental context into every step of the decision making process



For Your Company

An accompanied mind-shift

to accelerate internal transformation towards a cohesive, empowered and responsive way of working on projects that require a mind-shift

the mind-shifters deep dive plus is the first phase of the mind-shifters journey.

It includes four steps.

set the ground webinar

set the ground webinar

2 hours introduction webinar

first introduction to design thinking and setting the ground for collaboration (defining the teams)  and first networking.

Introduction of the association/NGO at the core of the deep dive challenge giving the participants to prepare themselves for the deep-dive. Prework (reading & videos). Hosted on a our learning platform.



deep-dive challenge

consisting of 5 stages:

  1. introduction to the challenge
  2. empathy phase
  3. ideation phase
  4. prototyping phase
  5. pitching phase

Participants work on a real challenge that an NGO or association is facing.

individual coaching

individual coaching

1h follow-up individual
coaching session

follow-up coaching session with the team coach

debriefing the individual experience, team dynamics, analyzing individual feedback and making a learning and priority plan.

skill development workshops

skill development workshops

advanced stage training:
separate teams or together

1 day follow-up skill development training nuggets per team, Including 4  modules of 1-2h in specific selected skill areas, for example:

  • problem solving
  • creativity
  • agility
  • collaboration

Duration of the the deep diveplus journey depends on the availability of participants
(4 weeks suggested).

Virtual and face 2 face set-up is possible.

Do you want to offer your talents an innovative and inspirational learning opportunity?

Let them join us for the deep diveplus working on solutions supporting the fight against climate change. 

16.-17. June 2021

For the beneficiary : myblueplanet

Building solar power plants with schoolchildren, cooking climate-friendly meals, planting trees, or promoting climate protection projects in companies: MYBLUEPLANET is an independent, non-profit organization committed to concrete climate protection in Switzerland.

Their goal is to win over as many people as possible to a climate-friendly lifestyle – and mindshifters goal is to engage as many talents as possible to support them with their mission.