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Our competence is to offer you «boutique» learning solution to best fit your needs.

After thorough analysis of your organization’s situation, business objectives and training needs, we will help you decide and develop the best learning path for your target groups:

practical, memorable and measurable in terms of results for your organisation.

tailor-made solutions

Every organization and every project represents unique challenges. The best way to achieve maximum impact of any training is to design a bespoke, tailor-made solution for your learning journey.

Below are a number of areas where our clients have typically asked us for assistance:

  • Supporting a change process in their organization
  • Working across silos: increasing collaboration on all levels
  • Enhancing leadership effectiveness through empowerment
  • Implementing performance management – throughout the year
  • Developing management capability
  • Improving communication skills
  • Improving productivity and working effectively
  • Supporting new leaders – ‘Welcome to your first 100 days’
  • Embedding corporate values into daily operations

If you would like to exchange ideas on possible bespoke training solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Are you looking for proven and measurable training solutions that are fast, efficient and scalable on a global scale?

MyLearningBoutique is the Swiss partner of, a California-based management consultancy with a proven track record of over 30 years experience in learning and development.

There are 40 international training solutions to choose from and adapt to your organization’s needs. All training is framed by specific surveys allowing for self-evaluation and measurement and can be delivered locally or globally in cooperation with the Persona Global network of 1,400 certified consultants in over 70 countries, in 20 languages.

Please have a look at the selection of training content that we use the most.


Persuasive Communication

The Persuasive Communicator is a 16 hour workshop presenting lifelong skills enabling delegates to communicate effectively, become more influential and ultimately becoming successful and persuasive communicators.

Delegates receive anonymous feedback on how business associates perceive their natural communication style, ability to project empathy, and level of interpersonal flexibility.

This “how others see me” feedback enables each delegate to focus on and enhance those communication and trust building skills needed to influence and impact the person with whom they are speaking.

The Persuasive Communicator clarifies the skills of how to use your behavior to build trust, positively influence others, and achieve win/win results in the shortest timeframe possible.

Emotional Capability Development

The Emotional Capability Profile (ECP) uses the most up-to-date research findings and is designed as a development tool (not a measurement tool).

Based on the perception of self and others, it is a way of giving feedback to individuals about their use of those skills that are widely held to be associated with demonstrating emotional intelligence at work.

People are finding that this profile provides practical insights into the skills associated with managing one’s own emotions and actions, and in developing sustained and appropriate relationships with others.

The workshop links with the ECP and provides an interactive and supportive environment including experiential projects that reinforce the learning. There is also a comprehensive participant workbook.

The Carriers: Cross Functional Communication

The Carriers’ is a simulation game modeling inter-departmental cooperation and communication by means of a fun business simulation of building a railroad.

Players acquire knowledge and skills that can easily be put to use afterward in real life. This game provides a high level of player involvement and an emotionally charged atmosphere which helps players to remember the conclusions long after the simulation.

The outcomes of the simulations are:

  • Improved understanding of how business departments are interconnected
  • Enhanced skills in information analysis and decision making
  • Players come to see in the game all the challenges of crossfunctional coordination and cooperation
  • Players come to understand the specifics of how ideas and economically substantiated innovations are promoted within the company
  • Players realize the importance of properly organizing and conducting meetings
  • Players acquire the tools for improving communication and solving cross functional problems

Tools and Methods

MyLearningBoutique consultants are experts in face2face interventions. When designing learning journeys, we not only focus on the relevant content but also on the best way how to bring it across.

We are passionated about innovative and interactive working methods that we also partially develop ourselves.

We are also using certified in internationally recognized training tools, allowing us to deliver worldwide with the same high quality standards. It is our policy to keep abreast of new developments and always compare and combine existing, proven tools and methods with new, leading-edge technologies in order to offer you the best solutions.

You can find more detailed information on our workshop pedagogy on our website under methodology.