Rapid change in the global business environment is accelerating the use of coaching as today’s executives have to deal with peer relationships and greater workplace diversity, which require a more complex skill set than managing “up and down” does.

Coaching is probably the most impactful and flexible way for leaders to come up the learning curve quickly enough to handle the competition and speed of global business cycles. It helps the individual to identify the skills and capabilities that are within them and enables to unlock their potential to the best of their ability.

Coaching is a dynamic process which typical outcome is an increased self-awareness and clear understanding of the issues at hand.

Areas of Coaching

Personal Development:

  • performance issues
  • career development
  • communication, interpersonal skills

Internal Coaching Culture

  • developing the coaching skills of line managers and leaders
  • team coaching (developing peer coaching skills within a team)
  • coaching for specific situation: workforce change (increase, decrease), relocation

Coaching Process

Follows the GROW model:

  • clear set of goals of the coachee is defined at the beginning
  • reality check of the current status quo – based on self-assessments and 360° feedback
  • the options are aligned with organizational priorities and individual agreement
  • commitment to action is defined and manifested with an action plan

The coaching ground rules are:

  • confidentiality, motivation and responsibility

MLB challenge coaching

In addition to the above described approach we use this unique methodology, combining elements from consulting, mentoring and classical coaching. We work with Managers who are facing “positive problems” in order to strengthen their strengths.

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