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Are you looking in the rear-view mirror when designing your strategy?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Times are changing fast. VUCA is all around us. Nevertheless when we come to help companies drafting their strategies or to implementing them, we sometimes get the impression that what they are doing  is merely trying to project the past into the future. But : as Andrew Winston rightly described in his excellent article in the current MIT Slaon Management Review, where he talkes about using sustainable thinking and strategy. Enjoy the reading by following the link here!

Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog

Reading Time: < 1 minute The MyLearningBoutique Team wishes all our Chinese clients and partners a prosperous Chinese New Year of the Dog! If you wish to know, what this lunar year will have in for you, we draw your attention to the annual CLSA Feng Shui Index. CLSA is a 30-year old brokerage and investment group based in Hong Kong. It calls itself  ” a boutique investment group”. Boutique? We like! Enjoy reading.    

How mindfulness can help you being more resilient

Reading Time: < 1 minute In one of our previous posts, we have been deliberating about the challenge of being resilient, living and working in a complex, fast changing world. Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson show how mindfulness can help improve resilience.

Es braucht mehr als LMS!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ende November war Thilo einer der Hauptsprecher bei der HRDF (HR Development Funds) Konferenz in Kuala Lumpur, der größten Aus-, Fort- und Weiterbildungskonferenz Malaysias. Der Schwerpunkt der Konferenz, an der knapp 2500 Personen teilnahmen, war dieses Jahr das Thema Lernen und Technologie mit dem Stichwort „Industrie 4.0“. Finden Sie hier das Interview mit Thilo über die Konferenz und das Thema seiner Key Note „Erfolgsfaktoren moderner Lerntechnologien und Lerntransfer“ und unserem Digital Learning Transfer Partner Promote.

First ATD European Summit 2017 in Amsterdam

Reading Time: < 1 minute Yes, it is true: we have been waiting quite a while before being able to welcome ATD with their first summit in Europe! But this week, it finally took place in Amsterdam and… it was really worth to go. Delegates joined from all European corners; I met professionals from Finland, Russia or Spain, to name just a few countries. Perfectly chaired by the Scottish ATD-Senior David Smith, we could follow and discuss thoughts, insights and case studies from more that 20 industry experts. Let me share with you a few pics to give you an idea about the summit. And if you are interested in finding out more about Cisco’s now L&D approach, or you want to know who was brave enough to questioning the future need of leadership competencies models or what the word “employagility” means, please let me now. Cheers Thilo Lausanne, 14th of December 2017

What you need to Lead in a World in Disarray: Resilience

Reading Time: 3 minutes Workplaces today are filled with stressed and exhausted individuals, who are expending all their effort on trying to keep up, at the expense of making use of their creativity to innovate. This is a side effect of our complex world and agile style of working. Many are very close to – or have already succumbed to – burnout. While physically present, these individuals are doing the bare minimum to survive – never reaching the end of their to-do lists, fighting with overflowing inboxes and filled with a deepening sense of dread. A convergence of factors is making it increasingly difficult to inspire and energize people in the workplace. Thought Leaders in a turbulent world are increasingly turning to building the resilience of their employees, to enable them to better thrive when faced with the challenging circumstances that will be the norm more and more. What makes one person able to weather adverse events with greater ease and recover from them more quickly than others?  While there are important childhood and personality factors at play (related to stability, safety and strength of attachment early in life), more and more research is showing that resilience is a skill that can be learned […]

Collaboration across boundaries

Reading Time: 4 minutes Complex organisational structures, corporate politics, virtual teams in remote locations and the need to work across hierarchical boundaries; all these hurdles made the ability to collaborate effectively a major organisational challenge. 

Collaboration in action: the marshmallow challenge

Reading Time: < 1 minute The marshmallow challenge is one of the most famous exercises to experience and learn, what it takes to be collaborating effectively.

About the Cynefin Framework

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Cynefin framework is frequently (and legitimately) used as a categorisation model around the four domains of simple, complicated, complex and chaotic. Working at this level it allows people to understand the difference between the four domains, the decision models associated with them and the necessarily limits of best practice.  – Dave Snowden –  Read more about the use of the Cynefin framework and how to use it as a Leader’s Framework for Decision Making by following this link.