Our L&D consultancy is specialized in strategy implementation and cultural change.

We aim to be your preferred “boutique” solution in challenging times, when organisational development is needed, corporate alignment is missing or if you want to excel in becoming a truly agile and resilient organisation.

To be effective, we focus on engagement, leadership and on sustainable behavioural change of all actors.

Our consultants are experienced professionals and academics who create solutions together with you our clients, through professional knowledge, emotions, energy and commitment.

What sets us apart is our dedication to our work: we are your sparring partners, someone to support you in a respectful, challenging yet caring way.

Organisational Level

We help the L&D function to design and develop events and trainings to launch/support/refresh corporate change and strategy development.

  • We craft strategy supporting content to enhance the desired behavioural change
  • We design and facilitate small and big kick-off events for leaders
  • We help creating strategic communications around a desired topic

L&D Processes

We can be helpful in the areas of:

Talent Developement: where we can support you in creating meaningful, cross-boundary talent development projects – including the set-up of a coaching and mentoring infrastructure.

Analysis of Learning and Training Needs: where we can support you with the development, conduct and project management of surveys, questionnaires, focus groups and one-to-one interviews.

Learning Curriculum Design, Delivery, Evaluation: where we help to design a logical flow of skill building interventions based on your training and talend development needs. We embed your competency frameworks into the learning experience and design our workshop in the most interactive way. We design a customised ways of measurement of the impact of the learning interventions matching the overall L&D strategy and particular learning objectives.

Performance Management

We can support you at different stages of the performance management cycle:

  • revision of the performance management process
  • development of competency frameworks
  • support in appraisal process design
  • development of training curriculum for reviewing managers
  • delivery of the training to reviewing managers or development of a train the trainer curriculum for HR and selected staff to cascade down the necessary skills.
  • advice and development of blended solutions, self-managed and e-enabled infrastructure