Our methodologies are innovative and experiential.

To create a learning path, we combine elements from lecturing, training and coaching (team and individual).

We use proven tools, favor an integrated learning approach and value the social aspect of learning that ensures application of the content and change in behaviours also back at work.

This is why we focus on ‘just-in-time learning’ rather than ‘just-in-case learning’ (e.g. expert advice). Such an approach allows learners to discover own ‘truth’ and ‘just-in-time learning’ makes business progress at the same time.

At MyLearningBoutique, we try to design our learning paths with elements of face-to-face interventions (it can be workshops, lecturing elements, kick-off meetings, deep-dives) and team coaching events,  but also including facilitated project work and elements of executive coaching that take place over a longer period of time.

We also recommend the integration of digital learning modules before and after face-to-face intervention as they prove to be very effective in anchoring acquired knowledge and enhancing overall learning outcomes. The idea of partly flipping the classroom, where some of the knowledge is transmitted through videos, readings, online games or quizzes but also through exchange with peers in discussion fora or webinars, has proven to be particularly useful when the learning integration on the job is a focus and the participants struggle with time constraints to be invested in being outside of the office (e.g. for an offsite workshop).

But also in international settings, this blended approach is very powerful as it allows people from different geographies to be working together through one platform and thus helps them understanding local differences in a much better way.

Combining both digital and experiencial presence modules – ideally accompanied by different ways of coaching (e.g. peer coaching, learning buddies, executive coaches, learning teams), helps us thus designing effective, scalable and state of the art learning experiences that create results beyond pure content transmission and fun at the workshop.

This is how we try to make sure that every participant grounds their learning by linking it to own development goals and by application of the learnings at own work places or in other words by “learning while earning“.