Big Bloom is a worldwide and non-profit initiative which aims at helping NGOs while mobilizing talents of large companies in the frame of their training path.

Big Bloom hackathons combine leadership training with social impact.

MyLearningBoutique supports and partners with Big Bloom since its inception in 2018. We’re organizers of Big Bloom Hackathons in Switzerland and using our team to help growing the initiative on international level.

BIG BLOOM Hackathons are a win-win approach

Thanks to the support of our coaches specialised in leadership development, the hackathon is an unforgettable learning experience whose objectives support participants’ leadership development journey and are aligned with and complement more traditional training programmes. It aims at developing agility and foster hyperawareness.


Participants follow the Design Thinking methodology and work on the 4Cs, the leadership skills for the 21st century according to the World Economic Forum:

  1. critical thinking during empathy phase
  2. creativity during ideation phase
  3. cooperation during prototyping phase & the feedback loop
  4. communication during the preparation of the pitch

Company Mix

Participants discover the power of collective intelligence and benefit from the richness of diversity without experiencing the fear of being judged.

Social Impact

Participants are fully engaged and embody their company’s commitment to social responsibility.

Do you want to offer your talents and innovative and inspirational learning opportunity?

Let them join us in Geneva for the first Swiss Big Bloom!

26.-27. March 2020

For the beneficiary : Partage Foundation – Geneva’s Foodbank (